About Diane

Diane Shrock, LMFT is a practicing psychotherapist, International High Performance Coach, creator of the Mobile Application DareU™, and the co-producer of the podcast “Truth and Double Daring with Dottie and Diane”.

The last 20 years of her professional life has focused on working with individuals, groups and corporations teaching the practice of Being Brave, Vulnerable, and the transformative development of STUNNING SELF-CARE.

Diane lives in Northern California with her much loved husband, two children, dog, and fish she took the time to name.


About Dottie

Dottie has lived her life following her truth and double daring from the beginning. With careers as a Catholic Nun, an international airline stewardess, a psychotherapist in private practice, founder of an Institute of Healing, a non-profit research Institute, and a speaking career of over 25 years, with a 10 year stint living on Anguilla, BWI, thrown in there, she has lived her live following her heart and her soul’s calling. As an expert in leadership, she has certainly lived her life learning the mindset and communication skills needed to lead both professionally and personally.

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