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"The You You're Called To"

Transitioning Into Power, Impact, and Purpose

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A group for women 40+ navigating major life transition

When you are in a time of major life Transition it’s an opportunity for you to create a life you love and one that allows you absolute freedom to be the you you've been called to BE.  


However, the possibility of achieving that and more in isolation can be terrifying and overwhelming when you feel as if you are completely lost, ungrounded, and so very alone…

However, with both my guidance and a community of like minded women also in transition, it can be a nurturing, supportive, and kickass experience that will be a catalyst for your magnificence to be unleashed!

 This program will love and accept you where you are while also reminding you of who you are called to BE and what you are here to do - in addition to giving you all the tools to bring your biggest and brightest version of yourself forward.

Many of my clients say: 

“You hold my heart while you kick my ass.”  

With laughter, tears, and continuously increasing clarity, power, and joy, you may discover a YOU, you never knew was in there while moving into spaces you may never have imagined.


The you that existed previously no longer fits. You know this in every cell of your being yet the new you is still formulating - waiting to be called into existence. 

You feel her inside of you just waiting for you to align to the truth of who you are so she may fully realize her existence.


So now is the time to move forward discovering the YOU that has far greater power, impact, and wealth. 


Arriving at that point means changing: 

  • how you do your relationships
  • how you live your purpose
  • how you see yourself
  • how you step out into the world
  • how your live your life
  • how you define your future


Stand your distance if you don't want to grow - Dorothy is a powerhouse with a special gift to see right through you, to get to the heart of the matter. I am blessed to have studied with her. I am better off for knowing her and you will be too. The world needs leaders like Dorothy around. 

                                         Larry Ford

This 10-month program of transformation and reawakening will: 

Meet two times in person from 9:00-3:00 (optional).  

August 20th: Then September 17th, December 10th, April 16th, and February 18th, 2023.

  • Initially, it will be to meet the others in the group in a more personal and intimate setting.
  • To look at what is happening, how you are, or are not, handling what is needed to be done.
  • To form a game plan for what steps best support you in going forward
  • To create a fail-safe system to support you as you move through each stage of your transition. 

Meet every two weeks for a 90-minute group session on Zoom. 

Wednesdays from 10:00-11:30am

  • For accountability
  • For clarity
  • For support from myself as well as all of the others in the group
  • To assure you, you are not alone as you come out from under, confront your fears in moving forward, as well as the stories you have created that keep you small, while recognizing a self you experienced randomly yet had no true sense of how to access or claim.


Meet every other month - you will have a 1-1 session on Zoom with me

  • to help support you in whatever way I can.  
  • This program is limited to 12 women in order to support safety while providing plenty of personal, individual, work. 

Investment in your growth and transformation: $10,000 paid in one lump sum with a $300 discount or $1,000 a month for 10 months.  

This work has helped me to awaken to the truth of who I am, to honor each and every step of my journey, and to discover the power I have to make my life everything I want it to be.

                                               JoAnn Lopes



For Dr. Dorothy, transition and cultural shock have been a way of life. Having started her life in an orphanage, being adopted by a violent Irish alcoholic policeman at 3yrs. old and raised in the housing projects of South Boston, recognizing her only way out of the projects was becoming a Catholic nun, then eventually leaving religious life and moving to Manhattan as an international airline stewardess, she transitioned regularly, as if it was an art form.

After 15 years of marriage, she was divorced with one child in kindergarten and a fourth grader. She consequently opened a private practice as a psychotherapist, and eventually founded 4 companies, including The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, a pioneering school in integrative health. After her youngest left for college, she left the USA and moved to Anguilla, BWI for 10 years before returning to the USA becoming Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of a multi-million-dollar grant overseeing energy medicine research across the country, a Clinical Instructor as the University of CT Medical School, and a Leadership Coach for Visionary Women Leaders. 


Women are being called to step up to the plate. To help make radical changes in life and more specifically in their lives. Whether due to a recent divorce, death, bankruptcy, or changing a career, transitioning is an imperative, and wanting to support you in not surviving the change but in thriving through it, she is here to support you in coming out of transition in a place of power, clarity, and vision, with the ability to define it on your terms feeling creative and free rather than in struggle and resistance.

"Thank you" are not really the words I would pick, but at the moment they are all I can find. You are the most amazing, inspirational leader and role model I have ever met. Whatever I did to have found you, I am so happy I did it. You make me want to be better. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and so many others. If they don't know it yet, they will figure out how lucky they are to have you in their lives. I am inspired by you. With gratitude and love,  

                                                      Sara Barron

Dorothy Martin-Neville-0005 (2)
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Dr. Dorothy's intrinsic love of people, her spiritual approach to life, and her outragious sense of humor combine to create an ability to inspire and motivate others to live their life in such a way that they know anything is possible. She has the ability to show that when your heart and soul are focused and you choose to live this life, not survive it, miracles happen every day. That is a message we all need to hear. She was an inspiration and a gift to all.

                                               Denise Landry